One Moment Please...
> Self Portraits

> Wee!

In every sense of the word. SEE MORE

> A Very Long Wait

The burden is heavy. Oh tedious restraint. Tick after tock. Waiting. The pain. It continues. Growing impatient. Sun rises and sets. Waiting. The sky, it gets darker. Night closing in. Bells have tolled. I am still waiting. SEE MORE

> What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Amazing things happen when free of the box! SEE MORE

> Rage Against The Sun

A lovely sunflower field. Warm, bright, calm. Yet filled with an unease that is all encompassing. One becomes blatantly aware that he is an intruder. The sun’s army, slow moving but steady, all in sync. Sluggishly following their bright leader, assembling their attack. Counter-action is required! SEE MORE

> A Sentimental’s Demise

We all have a special place that defines our childhood. A place of love, celebration, and innocence. A place that has existed for decades and you can’t imagine life without it. But what happens when you are suddenly forced to say goodbye? SEE MORE

Artist Statement

Creating fully photographic, thought-provoking images that capture the human spirit in its rawest form. Through a square frame, you enter into surreal worlds that encompass emotions from bliss to despair. Each image is fully  conceptualized within my imagination, put to paper, and then brought to reality through computer editing. Taking me one step deeper into self-exploration and understanding.